Junior English

Junior English

In this course, you will be required to read, to write, to think, and to speak EVERY day. You will be practicing for the SAT and MSTEP tests. This course is a major preparation for the rest of your academic life! Junior year is full of life lessons!

Book Love Approach

Most of the reading this year will be your choice! You choose what you read. You will be expected to have a book and to read EVERY day in class for at least 10 minutes. You will be expected to read a chosen book a month...a total of at least 9 books. You may read more! Be sure to keep a running list of what you have read.

You will also be required to complete a Book of the Month form about a chosen book. This will be due at the end of the month over 1 of your chosen books. A different book and a different form for each month.

You will participate in a Book Club twice throughout the course. You choose which book you'd like to read from each thematic club. You will discuss your book, work, and insights with your club. You will also have a test about your club book.

We will also read 3 books as a class. These books are amazing and powerful! The Junior English anchor books are Tuesdays With Morrie, The Little Prince, and Night.